About Us

Who we are

Real Estate LisPendens Limited offers innovative legal online tools that provide relevant information to give its clients, businesses, companies and government departments a strategic advantage in a competitive business world. We have recently introduced the Lagos State Lis Pendens Electronic System.

Lagos State Lis Pendens Electronic System is an innovative model borne out of a strong partnership between the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

Our Goal

We understand that a necessary and fundamental step in acquiring land/landed property or dealing in real estate is investigation of title in order to ascertain inter alia any encumbrance on the land. While a search at the Lands Registry may reveal current ownership status in respect of the real estate/property, it would fail to show pending litigation over the said property.

potential purchaser, mortgagee, lessee etc is always interested in knowing whether the object of his proposed purchase is subject of litigation i.e. whether the property has a case on it. A lis pendens against a piece of property alerts a potential purchaser or lender that the property’s title is in question.

The Lagos State Lis Pendens Electronic System designed to provide easy access information to anyone who wants to deal in real estate with information primarily on whether the property is subject of litigation (a case in Court). In addition, we offer end-user the platform for filing a Lis Pendens entry (submitting a land related lawsuit) which may be uploaded on the Lis Pendens Online System thus giving actual and constructive notice to the public and innocent purchasers. We also provide our subscribers with the option of applying for an online Lis Pendens Certificate as proof that a piece of property is subject of a law suit. This may be used as evidence in Court, forwarded to prospective purchasers, mortgagees, lenders etc. as a caveat.

Our Services

Conduct Search

We offer you a unique search experience where users can confirm whether the property they intend to deal with is a subject of a lawsuit. Users can use parameters like location/description of property, Court, Suit Number etc. to make their searches easier to conduct.

Submit a case

Our users could also submit records of lawsuits in which they are involved. This would be uploaded on the online system subject to proper verification

Obtain a Certificate of Lis Pendens

We also offer our users the opportunity of obtaining a Lis Pendens certificate which is electronically signed and authenticated by the Attorney-General of Lagos State. The Certificate acts as evidence of a law suit and gives actual notice to anyone interested in property of the lawsuit.